Will my insurance company cover massages from Empower Therapy Inc?

There have been many changes recently regarding Massage Therapy coverage with insurance companies. If your insurance company covers Massage Therapy under your policy, then you will be covered for your appointments from Empower Massage Therapy Inc. To elaborate, some insurance companies require that the RMT providing the treatments have 2200 hours of Massage Therapy training. Our RMT has met and exceeded these requirements and has contacted these insurance companies personally to ensure that your session statements should never be declined. Now having said that, all insurance companies have different policies, and it is up to you to find out what requirements your policy will and will not cover. For instance, some only cover partial costs of sessions, some have annual limits, some require a written doctors referral and others do not. It is your responsibility to look into your specific policy coverage and requirements.

Can I still pay in person rather than online?

Absolutely. We will still be accepting payments in person, should you choose this option.

If I have been coming for Massages at South Trail Chiropractic for years, do I still need to fill out a new Health History Form?

Yes you do. Everyone will have to fill out a new form as of their first appointment booked in 2013. You can fill it out at our office. Thanks for your cooperation!